Health Benefits of Sex

  • hakin9labs
  • November 6, 2018
  • Most people usually think that the only benefit of sex is to gain pleasure, but that’s entirely wrong. Research has proven that regular sex does offer a couple of health benefits to both men and women. Here are the top health benefits of sex.

    1. It Boosts Your Immune System

    Other than giving you great orgasms, sex does boost your body’s ability to create protective antibodies which fight bacteria. Therefore, the more sex you have, the less you are likely to be attacked by some common diseases like the flu.

    2. It’s One of the Cures of a Waning Libido

    At one point in everyone’s life, your libido is likely to go down. This is normal, and nothing is wrong with that. But, sex does a great job at boosting your libido. Even if you feel like you aren’t in the mood, just by having sex. Your body will release the desire hormones which can boost your libido. To get your sex game back on, you can seek the services of escorts in London. An escort is most likely to spice things up for you.

    3. It Aids in Bladder Control

    The great thing about orgasms is that they not only make you feel good but they also exercise your muscles down there. The more orgasms you have, the stronger your urinary muscles will be. If you notice that you are making frequent visits to the loo, it’s high time you embark on bettering your sex life.

    4. It’s an Ideal Form of Exercise

    Do you hate going on morning runs? Why not opt for steamy hot sex to kick-start your day? Intercourse is a physical activity like any other. The rigorous activities involved during sex especially if you try out different positions can help burn a lot of calories. Plus, it’s a form of exercise that you will definitely like.

    5. It Minimizes Risk of Heart Attack

    Regular sex can help minimize the occurrence of heart attacks. It’s because it ensures balanced levels of estrogen, testosterone and other hormones. Therefore, ensuring conditions such as heart disease don’t occur.

    6. It’s A Pain Reliever

    Whoever said that sex could take all the pain away was right. Any form of sexual stimulation does an excellent job at relieving pain. This is all due to the release of hormones in the brain that prioritize pleasure and block pain signals. Therefore, next time you’ve got a headache, don’t rush for painkillers. Just get it on with your partner.

    The above are six health benefits of having frequent sex. Most people deny themselves of these benefits all in the name of being busy or tired. Always make time to have some passionate sex, at least twice every week.

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