My friends all think that I am crazy but I have always wanted to be a Clapham escort.

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  • December 11, 2018
  • When I was younger had a lot of health problems and was put on steroids. It made me absolutely balloon weight wise, and my mom who worked for a Clapham escorts agency of, felt sorry for me. However, if I had not taken the steroids I would have died, it was just a fact of life. As I got older I became determined to lose the weight and follow in the Clapham escorts footsteps of my mom. It was going to be hard work but I really wanted this one more than anything else.

    First of all I went for a check-up with my nice doctor. She did some blood tests and told me that the rare form of arthritis I had been suffering from was no longer in my blood. I was really excited and told her about my weight loss plans. She promised to support and referred me both to a dietician and to the local gym. At the time our health authority was paying for gym membership if you needed to lose over a certain amount of weight. I was on my to join Clapham escorts services as far as I was concerned, and I was going to work for the same elite Clapham escorts agency my mom had worked for.

    The weight started to come off surprisingly easy with the help of a really healthy diet and exercise. After a couple of weeks I walked for a couple of hours every day, and was getting fit fast. It was a real revolution to me as well. My face started to come out and all mom’s old Clapham escorts friends, said how pretty I was. When I first discovered that I had a waist, we had a little party with some retired Clapham escorts and we enjoyed some very healthy carrot cake.

    After a year, I had managed to lose 10 stone. The only problem was that I had a lot of access skin around my stomach. I spoke to my doctor again and she arranged for an operation on the NHS. She was seriously impressed with my weight loss. After my weight loss surgery, I decided to apply to a couple of different Clapham escorts agencies. I had some photos done and one of the Clapham escorts agency’s thought I looked great. I was invited for an interview and got the job.

    Now, I am the happiest girl in the world and I work for a Clapham escorts agency. It is exactly what I expected and I have some really nice regulars. None of them know about my journey to get here but I know that I look good. Getting the job for Clapham escorts services also gave me a confidence boost, I can finally really be me and I know what the new me is all about. I am to be one of the top escorts for the agency next year and after that who knows – I might just start my own agency catering for all sizes.

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